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How to translate English PDF files into Arabic without the need to copy text

PDFs are not absent from us and their importance, as they have become, in their format, the most important books approved among users, companies and sites that provide books for download. The same applies to electronic newspapers that provide a copy of their daily number in PDF format.

We know in this context that the shortest way to translate texts from one language to another is Google Translate, which came to light a long time ago, and despite our difference on the quality of translation from different languages ​​into Arabic, it remains the best translations so far among many providers of this service.

Often, when we want to translate English text into Arabic, we go to the page for that or work on writing Translate in the Google search engine where the translation box appears at the top of the search page so that we paste the English text and Google works to translate it instantly to Arabic.

But there is a page on Google that has more advantages than the ones we are used to. A specialized page for translating texts immediately to and from different languages. The work of this service does not depend on pasting the text and translating it into the required language.

There is even what is available to translate PDF files into different languages, no matter how many pages of that file, whatever the language of the text.
The service here is excellent, as we know, if we wanted to translate a large PDF file written in Arabic and in the traditional way, we had to copy the text from the PDF and paste it into the translation box. Where we were and are still facing a problem in the process of copying the Arabic text when some letters appear to be different from what they are, and the consequent translation of the Arabic text into English or any other language is a translation that has nothing to do with reality.

How to translate English PDF files into Arabic without the need to copy text

Nice here, Google is able to deal with Arabic text as the content of a PDF file and translate it into the required language no matter how many pages of that file.
Accordingly, to be able to do that you have to follow the simple steps that we show here.

Head over to

You will find the traditional option in the right box (text) to paste the desired text and then choose the language you want to translate into.

The second option, for translation of documents, you must click here (browse the computer) to download the PDF file from your computer or from your mobile phone. Note that it does not depend on PDF files, as you can upload files in the popular .doc format. And docx. And odf. And pdf. And ppt. And pptx. And ps. And rtf. And txt. And xls. And xlsx.

After uploading the required file, press “Translate” after selecting the required language.

The process of completing the translation depends on the number of pages, but in any case it will not exceed a few minutes, so you can end up enabling you to download the translated text.

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