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How to transfer your Facebook photos to Google Photos

How to transfer your Facebook photos to Google Photos, you can download all your Facebook photos in a very easy and simple way, but what if you want to keep them without taking up space on your device? The best option is to transfer it to Google Photos, which is the cloud photo storage platform where you can save all your photos without affecting the phone memory.

Transferring Facebook photos to Google Images was already possible, but in late 2019, the Facebook social network introduced a new tool that allows transferring all photos in just 5 steps. If you want to store your Facebook photos in the Google Photo Cloud, we explain how to do that from your Android mobile phone through the steps below.

How to transfer your Facebook photos to Google Photos

Although Facebook’s image transfer tool was announced in late 2019, it was not available to all users until mid-2020, as the company made clear by founder Mark Zuckerberg. Fortunately, all Facebook users can now access this functionality to save all their photos safely in Google Images.

Currently, Google is the only service to which all images – including videos – can be moved although other options are expected to be added in the future. Without further delay, we will explain what are the five steps you must follow to transfer all your Facebook photos to Google photos from your Android mobile phone.

  • Open Facebook on your Android device and click the menu button, represented by three horizontal lines in the upper right corner. Click Settings and Privacy, and in the menu that appears, select Settings.

  • On the new page that appears, scroll down until you find and select the option to transfer a copy of your photos or videos, included in your Facebook information section.

  • Enter your password to continue the process.
  • Click Choose Destination and select the Google Images option. In the next box, choose photos or videos based on the information you want to transfer to Google Photos. When both options are selected, click Next. To continue, you will have to give Facebook the necessary permissions to access the Google Photo Library.

  • Click the transfer confirmation button and your Facebook photos will begin being sent to Google Photos.

Once you finish transferring your photos, Facebook will send you a notification to warn you. Depending on the number of images on the social platform, the shipment may take more or less. Whatever you expect, this is a good feature to make sure your Facebook photos are safe in the Google Photos cloud.

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