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How to get the fastest DNS for quick access to sites on your Android phone

If you have been a long time ago in the world of Internet science, you must have heard or read about Dns servers known as Domain Name Server, which are those servers that hold a database of the names of millions of websites on the Internet and the IP addresses of each of them.

When you search for on the internet and want to browse an article on our website here, how will your browser know the identity of the server hosting our website files? This is what the DNS server that maintains the IP address associated with the name does.

Your browser usually depends on the DNS servers at which your Internet service provider has access to the network. Sometimes this server is not fast enough and works with modern software as is the case with other DNS servers, such as Google servers.

The option to specify the identity of the DNS server that you will communicate with while browsing the Internet is not restricted to the provider of Internet service in your country or even to Google. There are even many of those servers around the world, each with its advantages and speeds.

What we will talk about here is how to search for the fastest DNS server that you can rely on your mobile phone to be able to connect to the Internet quickly and safely.

How do you get the fastest DNS for quick access to sites?

1 – Download the NetOptimizer app from the Google Play Store

NetOptimizer app

2 – By running the application as shown in the image, work on the sites on the use policy accept the Privacy & Policy.

3 – The application will display a quick explanatory explanation of the method of use. You can bypass this window by clicking on Skip tutorial.

4 – When the main application screen appears, press DNS Scan and then Connect fastest vpn.

5 – The application will test the working speed of the servers available on the network and will display the speed of each of them. There you have to choose the lowest MS, which is the response speed in milliseconds. “The latest version of the application automatically works on determining the fastest available server for immediate connection through it. You can view the list of servers from the tab in the middle.

6 – To adopt the fastest DNS. Click Use it. Give the application the permission necessary to use this DNS. You can disconnect from this server and return to the virtual servers approved by your internet service provider through the top status bar where you find that the application is active according to the alert it displays there.

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