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Get a FREE Premium Fake Phone Number with this Perfect App

Premium free fake phone number . Many applications that give us free fake numbers are heaped upon us, in order to activate accounts or even calls can be made through them, but there are applications that are worth trying and others are not worth installing on the phone. But through the Hushed application, it will be possible to obtain a free fake phone number from the country of Canada or America with ease, so that all our accounts can be activated in different locations through it.

One of the applications that has a great echo and distinctive in providing free fake phone numbers from the countries of Canada and America is the Hushed application, as many important features are available in this application, in being light on the phone, as well as it is possible to reach messages to activate accounts in the sites Various things like WhatsApp as well as Gmail and more importantly, the process of registering in this application is easy and simple and you do not need to activate the account with an activation message or whatever. The application is available on hundreds of free Canadian and American fake numbers where the most distinguishing of these numbers is that they are not damaged or not exposed by the services of different sites that require as a prerequisite to register with a phone number, and this is another feature that makes it approved by users.

We offer you through this topic the correct steps for registration in this application with the method of skipping registration failure at the beginning, which is the problem that every user faces of the application, you can follow the topic to the end and obtain a fake Canadian Premium phone number.

Get a free fake Canadian phone number with the Hushed app

You can obtain more than one number by applying these steps below each time you want to obtain a new fake phone number to register a new account in any site as well. As the application still provides its service for free and with a three-day free trial for each number.

Steps to get a fake phone via the Hushed app

  • We go to the Google Play Store in order to download the Hushed application, which can be downloaded through the store or even through any of the other stores if it is not available in your country, where we will put you a download link through the Google Play store as well as from another alternative store.

Google Play

  • Once we finish downloading the application and installing it on the phone, we now need to use one of the VPN applications, because the application does not allow registration through Arab countries. You must use the Supervpn app and select the country of America specifically in order to register.


  • After changing the IP in the previous step, we go directly to the Hushed application and in order to create an account in the application we click on the word Signup from the main application interface.

  • Now in the registration interface we put the email in the first field and the password in the second box and then we click on the word Signup.

  • The application will ask us to give us the powers to him, so we give him these powers to move to the page of obtaining the free fake phone number, where once you reach the page to add the number we click on the word Add Number +.

  • The application enables us to obtain numbers from many countries around the world, but the countries of Canada and America only offer them a three-day free trial, so we click on Claim Now!

  • We are now entering the introduction to any state of the state of Canada, such as 587 and sleep by clicking on the word Search, where we will have many numbers, we choose one of them. Then in the next interface we click on the word Claim for FREE now.

  • Once the number is determined, we place the captcha code, and we will be taken directly to the main interface of the application and by this we have obtained the free Canadian fake number with ease, and therefore we can use this number to activate our accounts in different locations.

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