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Best clone apps for Android phones | Run more than one version of any application

Clone Applications of Android phones . Have you ever had difficulty searching you wanted to run more than one account in the Facebook application, and you had to log out of one account and run the other account? Certainly this is a troublesome process for many of you, and many must search through a process more than that, and the solution is simply to use application clones for Android phones, as we will get to know together the best of these reliable applications.

App cloners have recently received great attention from many Android phone users, due to the important feature that these applications offer, as they allow you to install more than one version of an application and use a different account as well. It is no longer annoying at all to use more than one account on one phone for many sites with these applications, as it has saved a lot of time and effort among the general users in particular, and some of those applications allow you to bypass the powers of the root, and run applications that need powers Root, because the idea of ​​its work is to provide you with an opportunity to work in a separate environment that is simultaneously intertwined with the phone.

The best clone Apps for Android phones

This is a list of the 4 best apps that can be installed in the phone to act as a duplicator for other applications that are installed in the phone, but this does not mean at all that they are the only applications but these applications themselves remain the best of all.

Parallel Space app

Parallel Space is one of the most prominent applications that clone applications for Android phones, and even this application is the first clone that highlighted the light of other applications that have gone to work with the same idea. The application has a simple and elegant user interface, as it allows cloning a lot of cheering applications in general and perhaps the most prominent of these applications are social media applications. The application is available for Android phones and can be downloaded through Android phones, but the only drawback is the internal ads in the application, as it drains the phone battery, but this does not mean that it is one of the most prominent of this type of application.


Dual Space app

Another application of copying other applications that can work as alternatives to each other, as the Dual Space application is characterized by its small size and low drain on the energy of the phone battery, and that dealing with it will be much easier than any other application, this application can work as a mess and a separate environment About the phone environment. Moreover, the application supports many popular applications in Android phones such as WhatsApp, Clash Of Clans and many other applications.


2Accounts application

This application bears the name of the task it offers, which is allowing users to clone applications on the phone, specifically those that require its users to create accounts in them such as Facebook, Viber and WhatsApp, as it has a simple interface and is free from any unacceptable complications for the user, and any application in it can be copied over Once, this is for opening multiple accounts not just two accounts in one phone. The application is available in the Google Play Store free of charge with internal ads built into it.


Dr.Clone app

There are a lot of clones that do not accept that some of the applications are copied, but Dr.Clone application is completely different from those applications, as it enables you to clone almost all the applications that are available in the Google Play Store. The application works in the same nature as the previous applications, and this is in terms of the simple interface as well as not exhausting the phone’s battery, which will be a source of admiration for many users of the application.


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